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Charité is the “Best Clinic in Germany”

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University clinic in Berlin reaches first place in Focus ranking

Patients at Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin receive first-class medical care. A broad ranking of clinics by Focus magazine presented in the current issue came to this conclusion. With significant distance between Charité and the lower ranked clinics, Charité was named the best of 1,500 hospitals throughout Germany.

Approximately 18,000 physicians were polled by Focus magazine about their clinic recommendations, and quality reports of the clinics were also evaluated. Furthermore, technical equipment in the hospitals, the treatments available and information about safety, and patient and employee satisfaction were collected.

The medical director at Charité, Prof. Ulrich Frei, evaluated the success first and foremost as the credit of the close to 13,000 people who work at Charité delivering extraordinary work everyday. However, in his opinion, structural advantages at Charité also carried weight: “Charité’s size is a clear plus and the base of success. It enables specialization and the formation of interdepartmental centers in which individuals can perfect their specific tasks in a team.” The results are motivation to reaffirm and expand what has been achieved.

Prof. Karl Max Einhäupl, chairman of the board at Charité greeted the excellent rating and sees (besides the high profile of the traditional Charité name) an additional important factor: “Charité is not your typical hospital. Clinic and research are integrated. Intelligent research is inspired by clinical observation and innovative research findings find their way more quickly into therapy concepts - to the benefit of our patients.” For Einhäupl, the results presented are an encouraging impulse for the scientific and political advancement of new forms of cooperation to strengthen patient-oriented research.


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